Automated Machine Learning for the Edge

Automated Machine Learning for the Edge

Unleash the Power of Sensor Data with AI Built by Qeexo AutoML

Qeexo AutoML is our fully automated platform that allows customers to rapidly build machine learning solutions for highly constrained environments using sensor data.


Optimized for Edge environments

Supports Arm® Cortex™-M0-to-M4 class MCUs and other constrained environments


Intuitive user experience

Click-through UI with no coding required


Leverages sensor data

Performs sensor fusion and is sensor agnostic


Out-of-the-box data visualization

Visualize collected or uploaded data to understand patterns and potential problems


Automated feature extraction & selection

Automatically generates and weights features from your data to achieve the best performance


Compares multiple ML models

View detailed metrics of a wide range of machine learning models to select one that best fits your needs


On-demand performance report

Provides model performance summaries, visualizations, and recommendations for improvements


Easy deployment

Translates models into C code to compile and deploy to target (embedded) hardware

How can Qeexo AutoML help your organization?

How can Qeexo AutoML help your organization?

Automatically Build ML Solutions Faster and Easier Than Ever Before

Qeexo AutoML automates many of the most tedious and time-consuming processes within the machine learning model development lifecycle, significantly reducing the time and resources needed to build models while eliminating room for error.

Smaller, Faster, Better Models – Optimized for the Edge

Machine learning models built with Qeexo AutoML are highly optimized and have an incredibly small memory footprint. Models are designed to run locally on embedded devices – ideal for ultra low-power, low-latency applications on MCUs and other highly constrained platforms.

Bringing Intelligence to Sensor-Enabled Devices for Consumer, Industrial, and Automotive Applications

Collecting sensor data and rapidly iterating through machine learning models onsite allow each “endpoint” or “edge” device to run its own unique AI model to augment its functionality and performance in consumer, industrial, and automotive applications.

Try Qeexo AutoML

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Try Qeexo AutoML

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